Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"It's better with Jesus"

Do listen to Philippa's story that she told in 3 minutes at our Carol Service. So encouraging and real.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Monday musing

1. I have been reading the sermon collections 'Come thou long expected Jesus' and 'Proclaiming Christmas' as fuel for Advent.

2. It's hard to put into words the moment I had reading Chapter 13 'Intimacy: Finding His Grace in Keller's 'Prayer'. Finding his grace indeed. It is interesting that he concludes that the most complete method of prayer is to be found in Cranmer's daily office in the BCP and in his monthly rotation of the Psalms confirming what some of us have suspected for a while- that Keller really wishes he was a clergyman in the C of E :)

3. J John told the story of O Little town of Bethlehem at our Carol Service and used this verse as his salvation receiving prayer.

'O holy Child of Bethlehem!
Descend to us, we pray;
Cast out our sin and enter in,
Be born in us to-day.'

4. I love the question 'If God could do a miracle in your life what would it be?'

5. I read 'Mountains of the Mind' while having a few days off last week. 

6. I am 90 pages into Boettner on Predestination as a result of Joni Earickson Tada's recommendation of it in Indelible Ink. Article 17 for those of you who are Anglican.....

7. If you want a 'new year is coming sort yourself out and get organised in your soul' type book packed with common sense and basic biblical wisdom then 'Simplify' might be for you.

8. We will finish up Galatians before Christmas and of all the commentaries I read I really appreciated 'Exalting Jesus in Galatians'

9. Maybe you should start a journal? Put this on your list for Santa (a bargain @ £0.01).

10. Ian Paul's piece on the autumn statement is worth a read.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Ten things for a Friday

1. J John's coming for Christmas Carols on Dec 7th @ 10am. Invite friends. 'Found people Find people.'

2. We are going to start 2015 with a sermon series called 'Simplify' inspired by Bill Hybels newest book.

3. We are then diving into the Psalms with a bit of help from Eugene.

4. I gave a friend a book and she texted me 'I just want to says thanks for Lysa's book 'The best yes'- it blessed me and my home group hugely!!!!!'

5. I can't stop listening to the song 'Love'

6. I have been working through James MacDonald's 'Weekend features' on repentance and strongholds. A much needed listen for my, at times, hard heart and mind. This sentence lingered with me 'God sometimes lets us feel the full weight of our choices'

7. As you know, I love a books of the year list and the new biographies of Hannah More and Whitfield look interesting.

8. Mrs C tells me her Ma is being mightily blessed by the book Prayer.

9. I do enjoy a leadership book and this one looks interesting which also contains this TK quote from this set of sermons.

'My dear friends, most churches make the mistake of selecting as leaders the confident, the competent, and the successful. But what you most need in a leader is someone who has been broken by the knowledge of his or her sin, and even greater knowledge of Jesus' costly grace. The number one leaders in every church ought to be the people who repent the most fully without excuses, because you don't need any now; the most easily without bitterness; the most publicly and the most joyfully. They know their standing isn't based on their performance.'

10. Did you know Amazon prime allows you to lend and borrow books? I haven't quite yet worked out how it all works.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Some friends have written an album of worship songs called 'Lavish' that I heartily commend to you.

My pal Ellie guests singing her own song 'Joy comes in the morning' and it's a real joy to listen to her amazing voice. Connor Patterson and his brother Johnny's song 'Love' is also wonderful. It has a moving voice-over of some words from Augustine that made me cry when I listened to them 2 minutes into the song.

I spent five Soul Survivor's in the rain with Johnny and Connor and this worship album is worth all the mud and leaky tents as I listen to the fire for Jesus that now burns in their heart. Here is a request. Please give them some support by downloading it and spreading the word across Social Media. It's time for a new song writer on the British worship scene and at 17 years old Connor is quite possibly just what it needs.